Clinician Leaders (MD, DO, NP, RN) Coaching & Mentoring

From Clinician to Clinician Leader

So, you’ve been tapped to step into clinician leadership. Now what?

Healthcare organizations are looking for clinicians with the leadership skills to be effective communicators, powerful influencers, and motivators who are proactive. These innovative leaders can position themselves and their organizations for the next level of success.

You’ve spent a long time focusing on your clinical education and experience. Now you are stepping into the administrative leadership realm and discovering that your honed skills do not quite translate in the corporate space. Administrative leadership requires communication, collaboration, team building, conflict management, and consensus-building skills. It also involves operational and budgetary decisions that help support and develop the vision and objectives of the organization.

Successful Clinician leaders build core competencies to: 

  • Articulate and implement a vision
  • Assemble and lead effective and productive teams
  • Deliver clear and impactful presentations
  • Embrace diversity and work effectively with different personalities
  • Embrace delegation and manage accountability
  • Be emotionally intelligent and self-aware
  • Influence and motivate the corporate culture
  • Lead effective meetings
  • Manage and facilitate change and performance improvement
  • Manage multiple priorities
  • Resolve and manage conflicts
  • Solve organizational challenges through collaboration with others

When you effectively do all of the above, you know you have successfully transitioned from a clinical champion to an administrative clinician leader.

Clinician Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

For Physician and Nurse Leaders
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What I Can Help You With

Confidence & Presence


Emotional Intelligence


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Change Catalyst

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At the end of Your  Clinician Leadership Coaching Program, you will be able to:

  • Define your goals and produce desired results
  • Establish clear directions to identify, improve, or enhance leadership blind spots
  • Find and leverage your strengths
  • Develop your presence so that you lead with confidence and awareness
  • Increase your decisiveness and decrease your second-guessing
  • Reduce burnout and enjoy your life
  • Embrace the art of delegation, ownership, and accountability
  • Increased comfort when facing conflict in managing up and down
  • Work with a highly trained coach seasoned in multiple healthcare administrative functions whose only agenda is to help you be your best

ONE-ON-ONE | 6 OR 12-MONTH PROGRAMS, Our work together includes:

  • A 1-hour Planning & Strategy Discovery Session
  • Program Selection:
    • 12 Coaching Sessions with Action Plans
    • Two individualized coaching sessions per month
    • 18 Coaching Sessions with Action Plans 
    • Months 1-6: Two individualized coaching sessions
    • Months 7-12: One individualized coaching session per month
    • 6 Months 
    • 12 Months 
  • Weekly email check-ins
  • Creation of Your Updated Leadership Profile

Deborah Blake Dempsey is a trained and certified life strategist, leadership, and personal mastery coach. She is located in New England but works with clients locally, nationally, and internationally. Deborah offers clients in New England online and in-person hybrid sessions.