How do we become extraordinary people, leaders, and members of society?

How do we fulfill our purpose?

How can we lead lives that are meaningful and impactful?

Deborah has spent a lifetime asking herself and others how this shows up in their personal lives, professional and leadership development, and social change.


As CEO & Founder of Human Being Human LLC, Deborah provides coaching and advisory support to people seeking to realize their purpose and supports clients in understanding how to integrate purpose, personal mastery, and leadership into their home life and workspace. She works with individuals seeking to strengthen their skills and confidence and who are seeking to reimagine a life of meaning and passion aligned with their values. 


Before she became a coach, Deborah spent over twenty-five years providing finance, operations, revenue cycle management, process improvement, and project management in the healthcare sector. Along her journey, she became a writer and the author of a book called The Hoppernots. She also pushed herself outside of her comfort zone through adventures and self-inquiry that opened her mind, faced a few fears, and broadened her perception of what life can be when unleashed. Now, she helps individuals create growth, transformation, and leadership through coaching by providing tools and strategies on the role of personal and professional leadership.


Learning to lead at work made her reflect on how to lead her life. What does it mean to be a leader in life? It has to be more than what you do for an employer or what we expect from politicians, business, and spiritual leaders. These questions forced her to examine how she made choices, why she held herself back, and the obstacles that humbled and strengthened her.

Already on the journey of personal mastery, she looked at how she communicated, the importance of being silent, the gift of listening, and the impact of continuous learning. But what made her step into transforming her life is the silent mantra of discontent in how she experienced daily life.

The other shift in her mindset was when she experienced significant losses within a short period. Her two best friends died separately and unexpectedly. Her sweet pug crossed the rainbow bridge, her husband’s decades-long mystery illness finally had a name, and she became ill, healed, got sick again, and recovered. Death and illness have a way of waking you up.

Tired of living small, she decided that part of her journey to personal mastery was to push against things she resisted, feared, or used to procrastinate. Testing her resolve, she decided to go trapeze flying on her 38th birthday to kickstart her new path and vision of herself. Her adventurous spirit grew so big that she has since jumped out of planes, walked on fire, sat in the revealing heat of a sweat lodge ceremonies, found wisdom through vision quests, traipsed through Ecuador looking for frogs, published a book, and redefined what it means to live this life as a human…being human. 


With the changing face of work, Deborah decided to use what she’s learned to help clients find their way to confidence and establish who they are as leaders, no matter where they lead.

Leadership is a crucial aspect of personal and professional success, and transformation is an inherent part of personal growth. Through deep self-reflection and powerful coaching techniques, the possibilities of uncovering limiting beliefs, fears, and patterns that hinder your progress are endless and powerful. By replacing them with empowering beliefs and habits, you will experience a profound transformation that aligns with your true self and desired outcomes.s

Personal mastery leads to personal leadership. Understanding who you are, what you want and need, clarifying your vision, and developing self-discipline, goal setting and accountablilty takes time. No matter what goal or aspiration you have, attaining them takes identifying your values, strengths, challenges, principles, and breaking through fears that hold you in place.

When you giving yourself the gift of delving into yourself, you can take charge of your life, responsibilities, and desires.

This is the source of personal transformation and mastery.



  • Masters of Science in Psychology, Southern New Hampshire University,  Summa Cum Laude

Certification & Training

  • Brave Conversations Facilitator Masterclass, Brave Conversations with Dr. William T. Lewis, Sr.
  • Certified Coach Practitioner,  GoMaster Coach
  • Dare To Lead Trained, Brene Brown
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Workplace Certificate, University of South Florida, Muma College of Business 
  • EQ-i and EQ-360 Certification, College of Executive Coaching
  • Human Rights Consultant, US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights 
  • #IamRemarkable Facilitator (Google Initiative)
  • ACC Certification, International Coaching Federation
  • New Hampshire Center for NonProfits, 2023 Hoffman-Haas Fellowship
  • Certified Holistic Life Coach, Spirals of Well-Being | Women’s School for Spiritual Warriors & Holistic Life Coach Training
  • Women Rocking Business, 2022 Grand Prize Leadership Academy Winner 


  • American College of Healthcare Executives
  • American Psychological Association
  • Association for Coaching
  • International Coaching Federation
  • National Society of Leadership and Success
Badge - ICF ACC
Dare to Lead Trained badge
Badge - Spirals of Well-being

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