Deb has been a joy to work with! She really listens to understand and cares about me as a client. Her coaching has been rewarding for me, I’ve learned to better identify my own potential, and her guidance has helped me identify new paths that I didn’t even know were possible.

I 100% recommend working with Deb. She truly cares about her clients in a holistic way, she is compassionate, empathetic, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.

Elizabeth Aremu

Director, Strategy & Innovation, Optum


For over a decade, I have had the great privilege of witnessing and experiencing the beauty-filled evolution and expansion of Deborah Blake Dempsey. She has been a valued participant in a variety of retreats I have led over the years and continues to show up as grounded, present, powerful and deeply insightful. She is able to hold space for anyone in the circle and offer wise counsel for any human open and receptive enough to take in the wisdom she brings forth. I would highly recommend DBD for any service, instruction, or experience she is offering.  

Jen Deraspe

Founder of Nurture Through Nature Eco-Retreat Center, Spirals of Well-Being

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Deb is an amazing coach who is very reassuring and encouraging. I consulted her for my transition from employment to developing my side business to help me create the vision of what entrepreneur I wanted to be. Our sessions together were transformational as they put me on a path to understand my old worries and helped me rethink my professional decisions to be able to choose freely, not from a place of fear.

Alice Boisson

Compliance Director & Entrepreneur


Deb has the incredible gift of being able to listen and explore what is underneath the surface. She is compassionate and kind. Working with her helped me gain transformative insights, which I have been able to apply to both my work and my personal life.

Dr. Vivian Nazari, DDS

Dentist |Transformational Life and Leadership Coach


Deb has a wonderful sense of partnership in her approach, like she’s invested and helping you come to your own conclusions about what would work well for you. But she’s also willing to be in the brainstorming game. She does a great job of holding the agenda, keeping an open mind, holding me accountable and championing me, and noticing how my energy shifts throughout our talks. She has a very good presence. The word that keeps coming up for me is a co-collaborator or a partner helping you reach your goal or dreams. Our sessions make me feel like I want to be walking alongside someone like that, and thankfully, she’s my coach.

Jenny D.

Business Owner


Deb is a phenomenal coach. She’s very present and does a great job of active listening and asking me the kind of questions that I come up with the answers to myself and not by guiding the conversation. She helped me think about things differently. I was hesitant to learn about where I landed and needed to work on the Emotional Intelligence scales, but she broke down any resistance I had. I’m walking away with an action plan to help me strengthen my EQ and be more effective at work and home.


Team Lead, Resilence Specialist


I was overwhelmed at work. I had a lot of changes going on at work with many different assignments thrown at me, a new company acquisition, and a new team for me to lead.  Rather than see it as a big opaque issue, Deb helped me open my mind to alternative options and helped me identify possible solutions to take back to work immediately. She’s very attentive and gave me time to speak and explain, so it didn’t feel like I was being rushed or that she was getting impatient. I was able to focus, prioritize, and begin to get to know my new team and their strengths with a clearer, calmer mindset.


Lead Project Manager


Deb is terrific. I appreciate her getting me to connect myself to the things that happen in my work life that I’m using my own experience and feelings to make judgments and decisions on. She’s a great thought partner, especially when I was stuck and needed to talk about things with a neutral party. She has a great demeanor, and she listens to you. I felt better after our sessions together.


Leadership Development Consultant


I want to express my joy and openness when talking with Deb. I came to her in a state of transition, hoping to find groundedness in that transition. I am thankful for the insights and experience she shares. She has a vibrant, open energy that I felt drawn to, and I want to be just as passionate about the work I end up doing as she is.

Angela M.

Trainer & Facilitator


Deb helped me rethink my self-perceived failures and how I define success and helped me to focus on what matters most to me and my values. She asked me questions that hit me at a soul level and stayed with me for days until I did the work of sitting with my thoughts and feelings until I got honest with myself and my personal history. I gained clarity about myself I never thought I would, and I am grateful for the space she creates so that I can be vulnerable enough to discovery what matters most.



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