Next Level Collorabation is a project between Deborah Blake Dempsey of Human Being Human, LLC. and

Betty J. Woodman, Ph.D., of Next Level Partnership, LLC.

We combine Deborah’s Personal Mastery Model to help women and men see themselves fully and transform their lives and

Betty’s ProActive Power Alignment strengthens our abilities to navigate power dynamics and build cultures that empower




Deborah Blake Dempsey, MS, ACC, is a Life Strategist and the CEO of Human Being Human, LLC. 

For more than 28 years, Deborah advised and provided financial, operational, and process improvement insights to C-Suite executives, Department Chairs, and Doctors during her healthcare career at top academic medical centers throughout the US, including Yale University and Massachusetts General Physicians Organization. Today, she helps people explore their potential and make positive changes in their personal and professional lives that align with their self-defined values and vision. Deborah is deeply committed to lifelong learning, promoting social justice, overcoming fears, and pursuing her curiosities which often lead her on unexpected adventures.

Deborah has a Master of Science degree in Psychology.  She is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified integrative and holistic life coach, Reiki Master, writer, and speaker specializing in Personal Mastery & Leader-Shifting. 

Betty J. Woodman, PhD

Betty Woodman, PhD,  is a Transformational Leadership Coach and the owner of Betty J. Woodman Consulting, LLC.

Dr. Woodman works with professionals to develop their most powerful leadership style and create cultures that empower everyone. Woodman especially focuses on strengthening the power of effective partnerships and breaking the cycle of reactive power dynamics. Through a career as an engineer, software sales rep, technology executive, and professor, Woodman has seen the universal value of trust-based, high-integrity, collaborative connections.  

Dr. Woodman’s business experience and research led her to develop the Proactive Power Path and Culture Alignment Frameworks. Roots of the Proactive Power Framework can be traced to the course approach described in her Men’s Studies Press chapter, “Shifting Views,” and her relational integrity programs reflect the research of her thesis, “Passionate Entanglements,” and dissertation, “Sustainability Mindset.”  Previously she taught business ethics, leadership, marketing, sustainability, philosophy, and interdisciplinary courses as a lecturer at the University of New Hampshire and the University of Maine, and as a graduate teaching fellow at Emory University. Woodman has a Ph.D. in Applied Ethics from Emory University, degrees in engineering and philosophy, and certificates in women’s, gender, and sexuality studies and sustainability leadership. 


Deborah Blake Dempsey’s personal mastery model encourages individuals to cut through their self-perceptions by exploring their unique strengths and capabilities and meaningfully impacting their personal and professional lives.  Deborah helps clients achieve transformative growth and rediscover their true selves by aligning their actions with their self-defined values and vision.

Personal mastery means pushing up against your resistance and fears and betting on yourself, your efforts, and your possibilities so that you can transform your life into a vision that matches your values and desires. Leader-Shifting is getting at the root of who you are, what matters to you, how you connect and communicate, what inspires your thoughts, what moves your emotions, and what determines and motivates you into action. It is how you define integrity, why you take your stances, and how you interact with the people in your world.


Dr. Betty Woodman’s ProActive Power Alignment illuminates power dynamics and effective ways to respond to challenges while strengthening your most powerful, personalized leadership styles.

Dr. Woodman’s business experience and research led her to develop the Life Alignment and ProActive Power Alignment Frameworks. The roots of these frameworks can be traced to the course approach described in her Men’s Studies Press chapter, “Shifting Views.” Her relational integrity programs reflect gender socialization themes from her thesis, “Passionate Entanglements,” and dissertation, “Sustainability Mindset.”


If you’re looking for something completely integrated and tailored to your specific needs, 1:1 coaching might be the right step for you. Learn what you can expect in a session and book a free discovery call today.

Create a refreshed vision for your life with a step-by-step strategy to bring it to fruition.


  • Clarify difficult feelings, eliminate confusion, and build your confidence

  • Become more self-aware and tap into your emotional intelligence to proactively navigate your life

  • Learn how to make your desires happen with clarity and intention

  • Learn to tap into your strengths and access your inner wisdom and guidance

  • Release yourself from old patterns and habits that are keeping you stuck

  • Identify your values, develop new habits, and create a Life Map that guides your life in the direction you design

Personal mastery is the path to live the life you design.


If you’re looking for something to help you answer these questions:

  • Are you unsure if you’re in a toxic situation?

  • Would you like insight about how to handle a toxic work situation?

  • What does it look like to be in integrity with yourself and with others? How does this strengthen your power, increase the productivity of teams, and the profitability of your business?

If you’d like to up-level your power in any scenario, then explore these programs:

Navigating Power Dynamics

  • Power Dynamics for Effective Partnership

  • Men’s and Women’s Life & Leadership Programs

  • Break the Cycle of Reactive Power Dynamics: Toxic vs Thriving Workplaces

  • DEIB, Sustainable Community, & Sustainability Mindset

In sum, the struggle for our future is . . . the struggle between those who cling to patterns of domination and those working for a more equitable partnership world.” ~ Riane Eisler



Kick-Off the New Year with the 2024 Summit!

Join us on Jan 6th from 12-4 pm (EST) for “Unleash Your Boldest Self: 2024 Summit.”

Start off the new year with an inspiring summit where you’ll explore your goals for 2024, think more about what gets in the way, strategize personalized ways to rise above challenges, and tap into intriguing tools to strengthen your thriving power.

We’ll begin with an I-Ching reading to gain clarity about your focus for the year, followed by sessions to crystallize your goals and coaching discussions about mastering your life. During this time, we’ll run a group ReUnion facilitation session about shifting possibilities for change in 2024.

Together, we’ll explore these questions:

  • What do you want? Your aspirations & goals for 2024
  • What stops you? Understand internal & external power dynamics
  • How to get there? Build thriving power while empowering others
  • What helps? Expand awareness, insight, freedom, & power through energy modalities.



10-Week Program Beginning February 7, 2024

This 10-week program looks at what it means to be your boldest self, how your way of being bold is unique to you, and ways to cultivate your most powerful personal expression.

To achieve this, we’ll explore personal mastery and how you can become your best self by examining how you see yourself and identifying your values, habits, and goals so that you become the most confident and powerful YOU. We’ll also look at both productive and unproductive forms of power, including “power-over” yourself, e.g., perfectionism, inner judge, anxiety, and the limiting social stories and norms that keep you from your full expression, including male and female gender socialization. With this insight and effective personalized strategies, you can claim your freest, most powerful, and most rewarding way of being: your boldest self.

We’ll have conversations in 1:1, small group, and cohort formats.

Dr. Riane Eisler will be a guest speaker during the program. She will discuss her inspiring story and explore the distinctions between partnership and dominator systems and cultures.

  • 2.5 month program (10 weeks)

  • Feb 7 – April 10, 2024

  • $997 one-time (OR $200 initial & 3 payments of $299, which is $1097 total)

  • Early price before 01/15: $797 (OR $200 initial & $232/mo, which is $897 total)

Registration Pending


Unleash Your Power to Grow & Prosper 

Dive into an intensive masterclass tailored exclusively for women, exploring the principles of personal mastery and power dynamics. In a world that often demands much from women — juggling roles, responsibilities, and aspirations — it’s essential to find a space where you can reclaim your power, potential, and purpose.



Do you want your work teams to be high-functioning and cohesive?

Sometimes things break down: tensions arise, information isn’t shared in a timely fashion, feelings of competition undermine our good work, and people behave poorly. This series addresses productive uses of power to support effective, cooperative teamwork.

Exploring the influence of social pressures, including gender norms, sheds light on our behaviors, such as why men and women may stay silent in the face of unhealthy power patterns. From this perspective, you can design effective ways to speak up together, building workplaces that empower everyone.

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