Happy New Year (Fingers crossed)

 As the calendar turned to 2024, I found myself reflecting on the rollercoaster ride that was 2023. From battling my first encounter with COVID to achieving multiple certifications, growing my coaching business, and embarking on a profound spiritual journey – it’s been a year of triumphs and tribulations. Today, I invite you to join me on this journey of self-discovery and resilience as I share my experiences and set my sights on new goals for the year ahead. Welcome to the beginning of a new chapter!


Pexels | Photo by Victoria Emerson

A Challenging End to 2023

2023 ended with my getting Covid for the very first time. It was awful. I 100% do not recommend.

While I was wreathing, sweating, dealing with brain zaps, and in pain for those days, I couldn’t think of anything other than what now and what next (as well as when will this (Covid) be over?

Reflecting on 2023 – Transitions and Triumphs

In 2023, I went through many transitions, triumphs, and challenges. I completed my Masters in Psychology, graduated from two coaching schools (GoMaster Coach) and Spirals of Well-Being’s Women’s School for Spiritual Warriors, became a certified coach through the International Coaching Federation, and completed a year-long Business Leadership Academy with Sage Lavine & Women Rocking Business.  

                                                    Graduation Day!                                                                                                                                   Me and the amazing Jen Deraspe, Founder of the Women’s School for Spiritual Warriors.

A Year of Personal Growth and Impact

I completed a fellowship to learn how to be a non-profit board member and joined two excellent boards. I figured out how meditation works best for me and became a better, stronger, and more impactful coach.

Company Growth

My coaching company, Human Being Human, LLC, grew last year as I met new clients, accepted new speaking engagements, received a grant, and completed training sessions to make me a better, more accepting human. All of these experiences encouraged me to step into marketing with confidence.

Inspiring Collaborations and Connections

I began a powerful collaboration project with Betty J. Woodman, Ph.D., where we hosted the world-renowned Riane Eisler, JD, Ph.D., and Jed Diamond, Ph.D. I also appeared on multiple podcasts, was interviewed by a local newspaper, and made new friends worldwide.

Betty J. Woodman, Ph.D. and I at the Massachusetts Conference for Women, Dec. 2023                                           Next Level Collaborations Workshop with Riane Eisler and Jed Diamond as guest speakers

Journey into Spirituality

My spiritual life expanded and grew far past what I could even imagine. I went on a Vision Quest, made my first drum, and sat in sweat lodge and plant medicine ceremonies to broaden my mind, confront my perceptions, and accept the beauty and mysteries of life, the one external to myself and the one that resides inside me. Standing before the mirror of my soul, I got to know myself fully.


                                                         The key to a good sweat.                                                                                                                                                  Using deer hide and concentration to create my first drum.

A Key to Personal Mastery

Getting to know who you are, what you want, and what you need takes dedicated effort, and it’s worth every second of your time.

Navigating Life’s Challenges

On the flip side, I mourned the 10-year passing of one of my best friends and had a sciatica flare-up that took me out of commission for two weeks. I continue watching and supporting my husband as his health declines and our lives become something we never anticipated, but one that makes me appreciate life even more. I’m also dealing with my parents growing older and feeling the pressure and preciousness of time. Let’s not even talk about the world of politics, the wild weather patterns, or the haunting traumas experienced worldwide.

Embracing 2024 Without Resolutions

And now it’s 2024. I have no New Year Resolutions. I don’t usually make them. I like to take life as it comes and find my way one step at a time and with concentrated effort and strategy. However, as my 53rd birthday is just days away, I feel the need to set some goals for myself.

Setting Bold Goals for 2024 – Growth & Prosperity

This year, I’m challenging myself to get up on a stage and give a talk in front of a live audience, travel to Spain, visit my family, create my YouTube channel, learn Vipassana meditation, and educate myself to become an Integration coach for people interested in or processing their experiences with plant medicine. This last is sacred work and my way of helping humans who are being their most human.

Embracing Life’s Uncertainties

I may only accomplish some of these things, so I refuse to make these resolutions. Life is complex, and you never know what new challenge or opportunity will come up and kick you off the path you think you want to take or throw you on another unexpected path instead. Regrets take up too much time, effort, and energy, so while I’m not making resolutions, I’m also not going mindlessly into 2024. So much will happen politically, socially, professionally, and personally this year. The only thing I – or anyone – can do is our best in each moment we meet.

The Wisdom of Personal Mastery

This last year has taught me that when we master ourselves, we flow in the moments when we have control and let go of resistance to enter into a new flow when we have none at all.

Embracing the Unpredictable in 2024

What does your 2024 look like? Remember, a mastered life has plans and flexibility as life unfolds.

DEBORAH BLAKE DEMPSEY, MS, ACC, is the CEO and Founder of Human Being Human, LLC. As a Life Strategist specializing in Personal Mastery & Leader-Shifting, Deborah offers over 28 years of rich leadership and life experience. She has held pivotal roles in strategy, finance, and operations. An accomplished writer and speaker, Deborah authored “The Hoppernots,” a poignant tale showcasing unity, resilience, community, and finding one’s purpose within a vibrant ecosystem. Central to her ethos, she offers a fresh perspective on cultivating the empowerment of individuals to discover their distinctive voices, overcome invisibility, and harness the confidence to achieve their objectives to live up to their potential. She prioritizes accountability, offering personalized support, enabling clients to define their aspirations and take assertive steps toward their goals. An advocate for self-exploration, Deborah embodies self-awareness and personal mastery, understanding her role in our multifaceted world. She exhibits a keen interest in aiding those grappling with self-confidence, professional identity, burnout, or those on a journey of self-redefinition. Her dedication is mirrored in her endeavors to redefine self and professional growth. An ICF-certified holistic and integrative coach, she holds an MS in Psychology from Southern New Hampshire University. https://humanbeinghumanllc.com/